About Cattrah

November 12, 2010


Growing up in the late 80s and 90s I was always very interested in horses. We lived out in rural Louisiana and our neighbor had horses that he would let me visit often. Naturally my love of horses made me much more interested in playing with toy horses than dolls.

I accumulated a sizable collection of My Little Ponies and had 4 FashionStar Fillies. My mom always encouraged my interests and I never put my horse collections away. As I grew older I continued to collect but found I was especially drawn to FashionStar Fillies.

In my search for new items for my collection I stumbled upon the Fantasy Fillies. Even though I didn't have any as a child, I was immediately drawn to them and they became another favorite horse collection. Over the course of about 3 years of active collecting I aquired the majority of my collection. Since the line is so small I was rather impressed at the ease of collecting them and now I only lack a few items.

Having already built an ID site for FashionStar Fillies and seeing that Fantasy Fillies did not have a dedicated site yet, I went to work to create Fantasy Fillies.com.

Though I am no longer a very active collector, my hope is this site will be of use to all future and present collectors and my email box is always open and welcome for comments, questions, and information.

Happy Collecting!

I'm a Mormon.